Hey girlies!!!!

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Hey girlies!!!!

Sorry I been m.i.a. I have no Internet at the moment and it's been crazy...ok so update I am now 32 wks went for my last ultrasound today and Emma is in position Smile and all is well.. I'm so excited yet so tired ...hubby found a job so that's one less thing we are stressing over...my M.I.L will be visiting at the end of the month and my baby shower will be sept 1st..I know I'm cutting super close but in August there is just to much going on....my parents are home from puertorico and staying with my sister and it's been great having them here since this is the first time they have ever seen me pregnant this far along!! Emma is being so active especially at night when mama needs to sleep to be up for work..lol...but I don't mind...my niece is 17 days away from having her Lil girl Nyla so everyone is excited and awaiting her Smile so I don't know when exactly I will be able to post again but I'm gonna make sure it's really soon...love ya ladies and pics coming soon Smile

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Glad things are going well!!!

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Glad to hear all is well! Smile

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Glad things are well Abby! Enjoy the family being there!

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Sounds like everything is going awesome! Enjoy your family!

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glad to hear everything is well, and with all that busyiness, she will be here before you know it!

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Thanks girlies...I miss you guys..Im looking at all the belly pics ya look awesome