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Hi girls

Hey ladies.... How is everyone? Emma had her 4month check-up today..She is 14lbs and 24in long..she is growing beautifully.. She is such a Great baby... she barely ever cries... she is cooing and screaming loudly now..she smiles and laughs so much.. hows everyone's sweetpeas doing?

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We are doing ok here-Levi was admitted to the hospital for RSV on Monday-released on Wed morn. He started w a occasional cough the thurs before and it just was constant on the thurs after so we kept him home last Fri, and he went downhill quickly-he went to the dr fri morn, was diagnosed w it, started breathing treatments then on fri night we took him to the ER due to his breathing difficulty, they didnt admit him due to his O2 Level still fine even though his HR was high and he was working to breathe, then started to not eat much on sat and on Sun was dehyrdrated, called the on call dr and he said try pedalyte, which we did and he took a little bit more but was only taking 4 oz total so at his follow up mon morn he was admitted. Dr was upset he wasnt admitted on fri being his a infant. So he was on a iv drip for dehydration, antibiotics for his ear infection from all the mucus gross stuff, breathing treatments...finally on tues night he was starting to eat better and went home wed morn. He is now eating alot better, he lost over a lb, but im sure he will gain it back, his feedings are slowly going up each day-he was 17lbs 6oz, he is down to 16lbs now...but hes happy again, playful, smiley...and sleeping at night again. no sleep for days sucked! We have cried, yelled, yelled at each other...this crap sucked. The worst thing is is I had asked about the vaccine being hes a preemie back in oct but ins didnt want to pay for it cuz its expensive and had all these hoops to jump through. but now they will have to pay for the drs visits, hospital admit, meds, etc.

So I hope you guys are staying healthy! Otherwise hes a good happy baby. Hes 26 inches tall. Are you on FB?