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Hit the wall

Okay I just really need to vent.

I know I may have 7.5 weeks left at this point but I feel as if I've hit the wall.

I'm tired all the time, I can't sleep, my entire belly hurts from my little guys trying to make room for themselves and just pushing non-stop, I've started throwing up in the middle of the night as I can't control my gag reflex when they kick my stomach while I'm asleep, My feet hurt ALL the time from the weigh gain and now all of my shoes are getting tight as my feet 'spread', I can't breathe and my jaw hurts to chew.

I love these little guys and waited so long for them but boy I just need a day off!!! I am grateful for no complications thus far and I'm grateful they are growing well and healthy. I am grateful I am still working despite how tired I am and I am grateful for my friends and family who have been so understanding.

I think I'm just having myself a pity party today. Was doing fine till last week and I don't know if it is baby size, weight gain or just one of my first big hormone breakdowns.

Thanks for letting me say my peace....

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Danielle - I'm right with you. It's normal. I have been having the same feelings. I'm getting to the point where I feel this way too and just want to meet the boys.

And vent away, it's a good place to do it!

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You can be thankful for them and still be tired of being pregnant! I think everyone feels that way sometimes whether they want to admit it or not. Just like (at numerous moments in their lives) you will really want a break from them sometimes once they're here too. Smile Vent away, it does help!

I hope you get some relief from the middle of the night throwing up, that makes me cringe for you just thinking about it.

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((hugs)) I know how miserable and painful it is at the end with just one baby in my belly. I cannot imagine it with 2! Hang in there, take it one day at a time. and vent all you need!

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Totally normal!! This is what it feels like to be full term and usually that means you are delivering soon BUT since there are twins, we have to feel full term for 2-3 months! Lol! Big hugs! You will forget all this once you hold those sweet babies in your arms!

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It's completely normal. You're nearing the end of one of the biggest jobs you'll ever do. It's perfectly acceptable to feel like you've hit a wall. I have been over this pregnancy for the past month and I only have one in there. I cannot even imagine what all of the twin mommies must feel like. Also, don't forget, we all get to drag these big bodies around through the whole summer which here on the east coast ( and I believe much of the rest of the country) has consisted of 4 heat waves so far. Try to relax when you can. You are still working but take it easy when you come home. You're almost there!!