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In hospital

Just letting you know that I am in hospital. *Dilated to a 2, couldn't get contrax to stop, now dilated to a 3. *On heavy meds to stop labor. *Prayers would be much appreciated. *I need 2-3 more weeks! Will give more details when i can charge my phone.

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I hope that the meds kick in soon and the contractions stop. I am definitely praying for you and your LOs. KUP

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i hope they can get them to stop to so babies can bake a while longer

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Kristina - will be praying for you and Jeremiah and Evelyn. I had been worried about you today for some reason and now I know why. Rest and let the doctors take care of you.

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Sending lots of prayers your way!

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praying for you sweetie!! hoping those contractions stop

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Prayers - come on babies, just a few more weeks!!!!!!

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I hope they can stop the contractions! Good luck kup

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Hope you those contractions stopped!! Come on babies, bake a little bit more!!

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Lots of prayers to you and the little ones!!! KUP!