How is everyone feeling/doing?

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How is everyone feeling/doing?

Just checking to see - who's still at work, who's feeling great, who's feeling ready to pop and who is miserable?

I think I'm in the latter category now....miserable! Grateful babies are growing and are still cooking but having trouble with daily tasks now! Working but at least 50% from home!

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Still working (wish I wasn't, but can't afford not too!) Feeling ok sometimes, sometimes feeling really bad - my swelling gets the best of me mostly. I'm also having issues with my right hand and numbness.....I'm typing now and I can't feel the ends of my fingers!

I'm hoping I might get a date this week - my doctor said he wanted me to get to 36 weeks, which is Saturday - I'm hoping he gives me an end date - I'm ready to meet my boys!

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I'm at the miserable point as well...although i'm sure you twin mommas feel twice as huge as i do....i feel as though i should be birthing twins at this point. My doc agrees that this baby will be huge and agreed that i i go into labor anytime after 35 weeks she won't stop here's hoping! I'm lucky enough to be a SAHM this time around (first time) but i feel entirely useless and have to rely on my hubby to do a lot during the week for me. My heart issues keep me pretty tired all the time Sad

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I just am not sleeping good, other then that I don't have many complaints.

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still working, cant afford not to and id be bored anyway. feeling ok. just my hips and sciatic nerve bothers me the most. hard to believe that in 4.5 weeks is my c-sec date if he doesnt decide to come that the heat broke for awhile here its nice to be able to be out and play w my son.

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I am feeling relatively well....sleeping good, very little swelling, not too much pelvic pressure, etc. I am just anxious to meet this little girl and be DONE being pregnant.

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I am feeling good, we were under a heat advisory all weekend but I had my bffs here visiting so was out & about and got pretty swollen but I feel good this morning. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping but really can't complain about things at this point.

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Part of the day I'm good and part of the day is very itchy. We're trying to figure out if I'm having a repeat of the choleostasis I had with DD or if it's something else. It's not keeping me from sleeping right now so that's a plus. More blood work on Monday, I'm hoping the numbers either go up for the diagnosis and treatment or stay level and maybe we can move on to less risky reasons for itching. The not knowing is driving me crazy.

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Im ok I guess..Im tierd a lot and out of breath and my back is killing me!! Im soo ready for Emma to make her entrance into the

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I feel good about 90% of the time. Still at work and still working out. My issues have been feet swelling which has been better the last few days and right hand numbness. The hand thing is the worst and sometimes affects my sleeping. Also DS refuses to sleep through the night in his own bed so I am constantly having to put him back in his bed and wait there until he falls asleep. Oh, and DH is gone for the next three weeks leaving me alone with the two kiddos and being 8 months preggo. But other than that I am good.

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I'm Ok I guess. I think I'm just kinda done being pregnant. I am tired of being winded doing anything and not being able to play with DD. I'm really not sure what to think about a teacher I go back to set up my room in a couple weeks and the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy are fulltime back to school. I really did not plan this timing out at all! Wink I'm having trouble sleeping....hip pain and it hurts to roll over/adjust my belly.
I'm excited for Sydney to arrive, but a little impatient. I think being on summer vacation but not being able to be active is driving me bonkers. I need more distractions or for little miss to come earlier than 40 weeks. Here's to the last little bit going quickly!

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I honestly can't complain, I've felt worse with others. I'm really getting to that "done" point though. I'm trying to cherish this, as this is my last pregnancy. But the worse I sleep and the harder it's getting to do stuff, the more I'm wanting to be done. Can't wait to meet my little girl too! Oh, but the one thing I will complain about. This girl has sucked the life out of me. I hardly have any eyebrows/lashes. Even body hair. I am so freaking exhausted all the time I can't wait to have some somewhat normal energy levels again!!!