how much is too much?

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how much is too much?

Hi ladies!! sorry I been M.I.A. been pretty busy and all...but I wanted to check in and ask a question..First of all Emma is doing Great..she is now a month old and is 9lbs and 21 inches and is such a happy smiley soon as I remeber my PB acct I will post question is.. Emma is drinking 4 oz of milk (formula) she burps great and I notice she still cries and makes faces as if she still hungry..will I be over feeding her if I give her 5oz? is that too much for a one month old?

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If she is still hungry, try it. If she just spots it back up, it was too much.

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Not much help because I idea how many oz mine ever eats. I would say try it. I feed on demand and figure if they are still hungry, then they probably need more. I don't know if FF babies stop naturally like BF ones do??? I would assume so. I wouldn't worry too much about overfeeding...I don't think they will eat more than they need.

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