how 'ready' are you...

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how 'ready' are you...

I was just curious how ''prepared' we all are for baby as far as stuff is concerned. I think my body is already to kick baby out, but that will need another 10 weeks or so, lol. Anyways...we have prior kids so the crib and large essentials are taken care of but as far as small stuff goes i feel totally unprepared! We don't have many NB-9months clothes so we're buying that all over again and since we don't know the gender it's really hard to find cute gender neutral things on clearance. We have a bassinet, and just bought a laundry hamper....i have a few packs of diapers and wipes stored up, maybe 15 outfits/onesies, some swaddling blankets, and some bottles in case we need them. We are starting to buckle down and really focus on what we need to buy still but i feel so unprepared!! How about you other mommas?

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I think I am pretty much set. My DD is only 2 so I have everything from her still. I did go out and buy some new bottles, diapers, and outfits still though. I need to wash up the infant carseat and bring up a few more totes but basically everything is in the house.. I just need to get it put away LOL!

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Totally unprepared....we have cribs, car seats and clothes, no swaddling blankets etc....

1st (and 2nd) children so hoping to get some of the clothing etc at my shower in July.

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I am feeling pretty unprepared right now. I am currently in the middle of painting her room and then I hope I will be able to start working on things. I need to make DS #6 quilt for his bed so that he can get out of the crib. I am planning to paint the dresser and once that is done I can really go through clothes and see what I have and what I need. I have NO diapers so I really need to get working on getting some of those. I have plenty of blankets and I am sure I will get more this weekend after my shower. I also still need to make her bedding. much to do and I am starting to run out of time! My goal is to have most of the big stuff done by the end of July so that I then can focus on back to school stuff for my boys.

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We are pretty set since we have most of DS's stuff. I do need to get a carseat and some newborn cloth dipes. I also want to get a double jogger stroller, but that can really wait, between recovery and the weather it will be a while before I am running.

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We have most of the big stuff - we just need another car seat and another bouncy seat. I have some clothes and diapers, but I'm hoping to make it to the baby shower in a few weeks to get alot of the smaller stuff - we do have some gender neutral stuff from DD, like blankets, etc, so that will a decent start. I also need to get formula, but need to coordinate with my mom to get to Sam's Club (she has the membership). We are having a yard sale on Saturday to sell all the girl's stuff I saved, so then that room will be empty and DH can start painting (we have the supplies, except curtains which my stepmom is making). I'm a planner, so I have all that planned, but won't feel better until I actually have everything set up. I feel "somewhat" prepared.

Whew! Seems like so much for babies so tiny! Smile

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We are pretty much ready. I need to pick the other mattress up on Friday. The only thing left to do is sew drapes for the window and make some wall art. Those are not necessities, but since I have time, I am going to do them.

Danielle- you will probably get lots of clothes!

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I'm feeling completely unprepared. We have all the majors, but haven't gotten anything out yet. DD2 will be in our room for a few months and her room is currently the computer room, so can't really set up till we decide where that's all going. DH is working on getting a full-time teaching job, if so we get to finish the basement and have plenty of room. Here's to being optimistic!!!:wine:

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Posts: 631 say half way. We have been buying a pack of diapers a week since I was about 12/13 wks so right now I think I have 18 packs of diapers, I have 6 pacifiers, some bibs, burp cloths, I think i can prob get buy w winter clothes from ds for the baby but im finding it hard to find nb summer boy clothes right now that are affordable cuz its im hoping in a month when they bring out the fall stuff things will go on clearance. We still have the big stuff, crib/changing table, bottle warmer, Swing, bouncer etc from ds. Also bought some new bottles.

Im waiting to wash/clean everything till Aug gets here, and Ill also be making up food for ahead of time so when he arrives we wont have to worry bout that. Getting there