How soon is too soon (TMI ?)

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How soon is too soon (TMI ?)

to DTD after a c-section? I know, until 6 weeks, but......


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We haven't yet, but I'm curious too. I think it will be easier than it is after a vag birth. Im just spotting now, so my time is a comin'!

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Everything I can find online says 6 weeks. I think that's a generic "butt covering" timeline, lol. I'm surprised the recommendation is the same for c sec & vag births! I've never ever made it to the 6 week mark, but I've never had any major surgery to compare recovery time to what you might be feeling with your c sec. I can't imagine it's easy!

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I have heard that when it doesn't hurt to give it a go, you can....
and I imagine if you are feeling like you want to, then you are probably good to go, but I am no doctor.

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yes the recommendation is the same for vaginal and csec birth 6 wks, but some recommend longer for csec cuz the surgery was major and invasive, however-i say if you feel up to it and it doesnt hurt go for it...i did at the 3 wk mark and it hurt so that was it until 4 wk then it was fine and we've done it several times...also wait until you are done bleeding

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My personal opinion is that you are good to go when you personally feel ready. If you try and it hurts wait a few days or a week and try again. I have never made it to the 6 week mark but I have never had a section.

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Thanks ladies! Smile

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Yeah, sore down there... Don't touch me. I don't want #5, so gonna wait for the bc....

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It's been 4 weeks here, plus I had a tubal.