If I was a gambling woman, I would bet on this weekend...

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If I was a gambling woman, I would bet on this weekend...

I woke up yesterday feeling very odd...crampy like I was on my period, antsy, tired, and just blech. The cramping lasted all day and started coming with my BH contractions.

Today I took a personal day to plan and I am feeling the same way - crampy, tired, antsy, and blech. I also noticed that my belly looks different. It is low and sticking straight out! My belly button disappeared two days ago, so I knew the belly was shifting, but the sticking straight out is weird. I can tell because a pair of jeans I have been wearing forever and SUPER tight if I wear them around the middle.

I think things are happening. Labor Friday night or Saturday would be AWESOME because I would get my full 11 weeks with the new little man.

Send labor vibes!!! :party:

On another note, my first baby started preschool today. *tear* She was so excited to be there. Smile

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Hope it works out for you!

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Any updates?