As if life isn't crazy enough....

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As if life isn't crazy enough....

39 weeks pregnant and we recieved a full price offer on our home that has been on the market for 9 months now! The buyer wants to close Oct 4th so we now have to get through having this baby, packing up our current home, closing on our new home (we've had a contract on another home the whole time with a contingency that we need to sell our current home). I just hope we can do it all without losing it! I'll be packing as much of the house as possible over the next week, as well as getting together any paperwork needed for closing on the new house so hopefully DH won't have too much to do while I am in the hospital. I am so excited to be moving but not looking forward to the work involved!
Our new home is 5 bedroom and 3800 sq ft on the bayou with 1.2 acres. Lots of room for our family to move. (we're coming from a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1700 sq ft house).

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WOw!!! That's so exciting!! And a ton of work. I hope you get lots of help getting everything moved. What an awesome surprise!

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Wow, how exciting! Good luck! Smile

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sounds Great!! Hope the baby comes soon so you all can get started Smile

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Sounds like a crazy time but will be worth it! Hope things go smoothly for you.

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On the positive side, perhaps the packing will get your baby moving. Smile

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exciting and good news...maybe it will help things get moving for you?

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I'm hoping it will get things moving! As of right now, all it's giving me is marshmallow feet and ankles! haha!