Im freaking out!!! (TMI)

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Im freaking out!!! (TMI)

Ok so Yesterday I wiped and there was some pink discharge I said good Im finally getting my period..and it progressed a bit and I wore a pad had a bit of blood but not soo much..and then nothing and I woke up this morning and nothing...I have been having un-protected sex but we have done the pull out method. ( I know it doesnt always work ):confused:.So Im wondering what is going on..I haven't felt any indication of me possibly being pregnant but Im not to confident in that...Im hoping that the flow just stopped for a day or this is normal and soon enough I will go back to having a normal period...but I just dont know and Im freaking out..we are in no way ready for another one..Im enjoying Emma and Im going to work soon..and just financially right now it cannot happen...Im Gonna take a test but has this happend to any of you ladies here?:confused:

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I didn't get my actual cycles back until DD was 11.5 months pregnant (we nursed until 18 months). I had some PMS like symptoms around 5 months, and then around 9 months or so I had some spotting out of no where but nothing else. I was freaking out thinking I could be pregnant and it was just my postpartum body being wonky (in part from BFing). I hope you get an answer soon!

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You never know. But it's probably just whacked out hormones still. Keep us posted!

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did it show? mine did that for a few days before i actually got it

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Any new news??
I spotted a little when Ivy was 4-5weeks, and have had nothing since. We are also not using protection (not pulling out either). I'm pretty sure my lack of a period is due to breastfeeding. Are you bf or formula?