Introduce myself...

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Introduce myself...

Hi Everyone!

Seeing as I have (approx.) 11 hours left of August, I figured I'd pop in and introduce myself.

My name is Alison. I'm momma to DS, William (Will). He was born September 22, 2010 after a 28 hour labour - stubborn fellow.

I was due August 24, but here I am 41 weeks pregnant, and the last of my August board still pregnant LOL!!!
I'm in good spirits and feeling fantastic! I certainly don't feel 41 weeks pregnant. Maybe it's chasing a 23 month old around all day long makes me feel better than I should.

I'm planning a home birth (I have a lodge on the Birthing Naturally board). Hopefully this baby arrives in the next 7 days so I can get that home birth! I've been trying things to help bring on labour (DS still nurses, EPO, DTD, raspberry leaf tea, I had a S&S and have taken castor oil...) I think this baby is just waiting to decide on his/her own which birthday is best.

I hope everyone here is doing well and enjoying their pregnancies. If the next 11 hours doing bring me a baby then I will be around here a whole lot more Biggrin

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Welcome!!! Wow! 41 weeks. Come out baby come out!!! Can't wait to read your birth story. I find homebirths fascinating!

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Welcome Alison! Hopefully the Blue Moon tonight will get things going for you. That is what I am hoping for tonight as well.

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Welcome, 41! Looking forward to hearing about your homebirth.
I think we all have high hopes for this blue moon to work some sort of magic;)

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Hi! Welcome to September!! My little girl was 42w +1 with an induction. My body felt fine, but the waiting is the worst! I hope it happens soon for you!

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Good to see you over here Alison! Glad to hear you're still feeling great! Have you tried nipple stimulation? Worked for me with my last baby. Smile

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Well, I will be here for sure since this baby hasn't arrived yet. I have been trying to get things going. I've been getting regular contractions, yesterday for the majority of the day my contrax were coming 6minutes apart and they were good and strong. I thought for sure we were getting a baby last night. But no such luck...

Here's what I've been trying to get labour started/kicked into high gear:

- S&S
- Castor Oil
- "O"ing
- Nipple Stim
- Walking
- Rolling on my ball
- Raspberry Leaf Tea
- Spicy Food
- Walking my stairs

This baby is just taking it's time and letting me know early that it can't be bossed around. Hahaha! Currently I'm 41+2. I'm trying to keep my spirits up, but with all this "false" labour it sure is hard.

My sister, Jordan, has stayed over at my house the past 2 nights, and one of those nights I had my sister, Emily, here as well. I feel badly keeping them from their families for all my maybe-labouring. Selfishly I like having them here, but I know that at some point they have to go home to their families. They can't stay with me forever in hopes that maybe a baby will be the result of irritating early labour.

I had a great night sleep last night. I hope to get lots of snuggles in with my little guy today just in case this baby eventually decides to show up.

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Welcome and I hope you baby comes soon... and Im really excited to hear about your Homebirth story ..Good luck and here is to a happy safe incredible birth expirience Smile

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Welcome and good luck! It's got to happen any day now, hang in there.