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Evelyn - 4lbs 14oz

Jeremiah- 5lbs 9oz

Got to hold them both this morning. It was so amazing!!!

My body just gave out. It wouldn't stop contracting, even on the magnesium. With the way Evelyn was laying it was dangerous to let my water break. So we headed back to csection. They are doing great though!! No breathing assistance needed. They are basically in the NICU for feeding and growing. That's it!

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Congratulations! What fabulous weights. I hope they and you continue to do well.
They are beautiful babies.

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Congratulations and welcome to the world Evelyn and Jeremiah! They are both so precious! I hope that they continue to do well! Smile

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Oh my!!! They are so precious!! Congratulations!!!!!!! What nice sizes too!!!

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Congrats!!!!! Awesome growing!!! They are adorable!! Smile

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Congrats!! they are soooo glad all is well and the babies and you are doing good!!

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Congrats!! They are so adorable!! And I am super glad they don't need breathing treatments. I can't believe how big they are. Congrats again!!

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Congratulations, they are adorable and their weights are awesome! So happy they are doing so great!

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aw they are so precious! good to hear that they seem to be doing rather well, good job mama Smile hope you heal well and are able to take them both home soon

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They are beautiful! I pray they continue doing so well so you can take them home soon. Way to hang in there as long as you did.

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Congratulations!! They are absolutely beautiful!!

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Congratulations! They are beautiful and seem to be great sizes for coming this early. I hope you and your family are doing well!

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Congrats!!!! How cute!!!

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Congratulations!!!! Glad they arrived safe and healthy!!!

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They are gorgeous!!!! COngrats!!! My oldest DD was born 6 weeks early and was good too except for feeding and keeping her temp up so she was in the isolette and on a feeding tube.

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They are adorable.



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Kristina!! Oh my gosh, they are beautiful!! I know I'm late to the welcome party, but huge congratulations to you!