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So how are they doing? Are they alert more? What are they doing developmentally wise? Im just wondering since they say premies have catch up to do and they are behind. Levi is awake about 2 hrs a day-we do tummy time and his head is very strong-he does move it side to side. I remember at 3 weeks with Alex he was just always alert, and starting to grab just wondering how your babes are doing.

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Hey! They still sleep a lot! They are probably up 2-3 hours total in a 24 hour period, but I wouldn't say they are alert the whole time. Jeremiah is more alert than Evie. He likes tummy time a lot and has strong head strength too. She is still pretty small so not as much control. You can just tell she is less mature. Although, she nurses and I'm still working with him to get it. That's about all they are doing. Eat sleep poop. The usual! I feel like they are brand new newborns instead of almost a month old.

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awwww, I love hearing these little details! I can't believe it's been almost a month! I keep thinking of them as brand new newborns too!