Life is going to get interesting (OT)

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Life is going to get interesting (OT)

DH has been unemployed for 1.5 years. He just got a full-time continuing position! He starts Tuesday! Ummm....on the other side of the STATE!:shock:
So we're going to be flying him back and forth until baby comes and my mat. leave starts, then we'll go over to be with him. Then when I return to work we'll be doing 6 months of flying on weekends until I move with the girls next summer. Oh, yeah we have to sell the house and I've got to look for a new teaching job.
I'm so excited for him, but it is going to turn our lives upside down! I keep telling myself I can handle 2 kids by myself, I think I can, I think I can. DH's mom does live close, so I'll have support. But I am just in shock right now!
I told him when he interviewed that this would probably be the one since it would be such bad timing! I mean isn't that the way it always works?

Any advice from other moms who have "gone it alone"?

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We may be in some what of the same predicament. My DH just interviewed for a job that, isnt as far as what you guys are doing, 2 hrs away. He has been working contract positions the last 6 years, and this one would be permanent.... which is the only reason that he applied in the first place. When he got the interview I told him that he probably would get it just because the timing is the worst weve had for moving lol. Luckily my sister lives with in half an hr of the company, so till we find a place, he can stay with them. Then, during the week after work he will be looking at places, and coming home on the weekends to help me pack. I'm really nervous already and he hasnt even been offered the job lol. They boys go back to school in a couple of weeks (1st grade, and Early Childhood), so weve already decided that the kids and I will stay here till we find a place and move. So, I will be dealing with 3 kids on my own, shuttling them around, packing the whole house (for the majority) on my own, all at 7, 8 months pregnant. Not to mention my history of pre term labor Sad Then, having to find a new OB, hospital, switching the kids schools, and so on.

My advice, and what I am starting to look at doing myself, is getting your support system in place in now, and your "if this happens, this is who I call or this is what I do" all figured out. A tentative plan if you go into labor, or have something come up if you need to go in, when your DH isnt there. Then, after the baby comes, maybe have someone that could come stay with you, or at least pop over in the evenings, to help out once DH is back to work. I know being a stay at home mom, especially those first few weeks after having a baby, I get pretty lonely/over whelmed, and having someone that I can count on to be there if/when i need someone, is hugely important.

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So glad your hubby found a job. The timing and travel will be a pain, but worth it in the end! Good luck!

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I firmly believe we are not given more than we can handle even when it seems so at the time. I am elated he found a permanent job. My DH was out of work for a long time and it was very difficult for us!!!

I don't any advice from experience but I do agree rally your support network. Lots of people will help you if they know you need it!

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With my first baby I was pregnant at 17, gave birth 3 days after I turned 18, and my husband(boyfriend at the time) left 3 hours after our daughter was born, he continued to travel like this until she turned 3. He was out of town for 6 weeks then home for 1 week, and during the time he was home he still worked in the in town office. So I basically did it completely alone for 3 years. I would say the best advice I have is to get in some good mom groups. It helped for me to keep distracted and to have plans often so I didn't get bored/lonely. It definately wasn't easy but we got through it. Most importantly, just stay busy!

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Wow!!!! I'm glad you have your MIL for support. But I'm very very happy for your DH!!!! How exciting to have a job after so long. You can do it, girl!!

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Congrats to your DH! And I agree, we are never given more then we can handle!!

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Wow! That's great news!! But I do agree, life will be interesting!! I'm sure it'll be very challenging at times, but you'll work it out.