Me and my Niece josie :)

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Me and my Niece josie :)

She is 5 wks ahead of me her due date is august I look way bigger Smile This has been an amazing journey and Im so happy me and her are sharing it!!! she is also having a girl to be named Nyla Rose Smile

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How great that you two get to share this experience together.

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Great photo!

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How fun to be preggo together!

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Awwww!! Cute!!!

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Thanks girls...Yea its been fun..We would joke about it a lot throughout the years and it happend and when I found she was pregnant I was soo excited and a month later I found out and she was just as excited as I was...We have had a ball taking about it, and exchanging ideas bout themes and comparing sysmptoms...We have always been close so it's just made our bond so much stronger!! I can't wait to meet my lil Grand Niece Nyla Rose:)

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How special! What a cute pic too!