Meet Mr Owen!

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Meet Mr Owen!

We are home and getting settled in....had a few mins before the other kids got here so i snapped a few pics. I'll get on here tonight sometime and post my birth's a doozy! but for is a dose of baby sweetness...

2 by Prima Luce Photography, on Flickr

1 by Prima Luce Photography, on Flickr

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So precious! Love the B&W!

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Awe he is perfect! What beautiful photos!!

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He is perfect, so cute!

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BEAUTIFUL boy and gorgeous photos. Congrats!

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hes so precious, congrats!

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What a handsome boy!!! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them!!!

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So cute!!

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typed up my birth story and posted it on the top thread Smile

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Beautiful baby boy! Congratulations!!

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Awwww, he's perfect! Off to read your story... Smile

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Lurker...He's perfect! Congratulations!

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awww he is soo cute... Love the pictures