MIA and appt update

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MIA and appt update

Sorry been pretty MIA - been feeling exhausted lately and just really hard to focus or get things done due to lack of sleep.

I had my weekly NST today. The babies decided to take a little nap for the first segment so the doctor 'woke them up' with this vibration tool. I was there for an hour as once he woke them up they wouldn't stay on the monitor.

They are both doing well - being difficult to monitor - but doing well.

No weights/measurements today but we did get a peek when they were locating heartrates.

I unfortunatly between discomfort and restless leg have been down to maybe 4 hrs of sleep a day. I try to nap but can't sleep more than 20 min at a time. Maybe an hour at night. My specialist gave me something to help me sleep today as he said he will be putting me on bedrest if I can't get some sleep in.

Anyway, hanging in. 3-5 more weeks for me according to doc today....can't believe it's so soon.


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I am sorry to hear that you aren't sleeping...that is awful! Glad to hear that babies are looking good though. Yay for being 5 weeks out at the most!!

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Hope your sleep gets better!!!! Glad babies are looking good - it's almost here!

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Losing sleep is the worst, hope the mere help! So glad babies are doing well and you're SO CLOSE - yay!

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I have been wondering where you've been. Glad you are doing ok other than the sleep thing. I'm there too. Guess we are getting used to what it will be like soon with 2 newborns! Hope the meds work for you.
Hang in there girlfriend! I keep telling myself that. LOL. I'm at a point where I can barely walk. My hips and joints are so soft right now preparing for birth, they feel like they are going to come out of place any second!

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I am seriously so impressed with you mommies with twins! Just knowing how rough the last few weeks are with a singleton, I cannot imagine how much worse it is with 2 babies!! Glad to hear the babies are doing so well. I really hope your sleep meds help! Not getting enough sleep always make everything else harder to endure. Sad Hang in there, you're so close!!

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Thanks guys for all the encouragement. I hope the meds help too. I'm hoping to only take them 1 - 2 x/ week. I think if I can get a full night periodically then I can last these last few weeks. I really hate this type of medicine.

KJ - I am with you on the hips hurting. That's become a HUGE problem for me during the day. I feel like they are coming out of socket and when I lay down they ache....we are almost there!!! I went from swimming laps/walking and full activity to barley able to get around over the last week.

Looking forward to everyone's next appt updates!