Molly is here!!

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Molly is here!!

Molly Elizabeth was born last Friday 9/14 at 10:15am via c-section. She weighed 8lb12oz and 19.5in long. She is absolutely perfect. The c-section went great and the doctor said I am good to go with having more kiddos (this was my 3rd c-section).

Molly is a great baby. She sleeps tons and is nursing great. My "girls" are a little sore but they are getting better. I am still swollen(cankles are still here) and the carpal tunnel hasn't gone away. So I am not sleeping the greatest cause my hand is still constantly falling asleep. TMI - I am also very constipated. I have only gone once since last Wednesday. I am taking stool softners but I am also still on some pain meds that cause constipation. I only have two more doses of the pain meds so hopefully that issue will be fixed soon.

Here are some pics of my precious Molly. She looks just like her big sis.

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aw shes sooo cute! Congrats!

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So cute!

Sorry about your "cankles!" I had them for 2 weeks afterward! And the carpel tunnel - I thought mine was related to the swelling in my hands, but that is gone and my fingertips are still numb!

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Congratulations! She's adorable!

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such a cutie! congrats!

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So beautiful, congrats mama!!!!

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Congratulations! She is beautiful! Molly is one of my favorite girl names ever. Biggrin I hope you're back to yourself soon!

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She is Gorgeous!! Congrats Smile

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Congratulations! She looks adorable!

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Precious girl!

I am still fighting carpel tunnel too...doc said be patient today but i know how frustrating it is! Took about 12 days for my swelling to clear up, so you don't have long. Congrats momma!