Morning sickness again???

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Morning sickness again???

Anyone else have a tummy that has decided to feel yucky for no reason? I have had this nauseous feeling for two days and it reminds me of when I had morning real reason for feeling sick, just sort of mildly pukey.

It stinks. At least I kept all of my food down today. Yesterday, breakfast AND lunch came up at the same time, so nothing digested. The nicest thing I can say about that is it didn't feel so horrible...I had a Diet Coke with lime that helped hide the stomach acid. My face was swollen for awhile, though.

Any other sickies out there? Is this what I'm in for for the next few weeks? Is it normal to get morning sickness at the end as preparation or something? By the way, nature is cruel for doing this...GD and an upset tummy do not mix. The only thing that sounds good is carbs and I am supposed to be watching those. I can have as much protein and veggies as I want, and those sound TERRIBLE! Blech.

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So sorry, I have moments of nausea but it is all staying down. hope it is just a quick bug and will pass, there s a ton of stomach bugs going around our area.

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i get M/S really badly and had it weeks 9-22ish this time around. It stopped from weeks 22-33 or so and now i'm sick again every morning so it can happen. I know a few women who experience m/s again in the late third trimester. Sad I had GD the first pregnancy and it is awful so i totally feel your pain.

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I have nausea almost every morning - so far, have only gotten sick once. It started again about 1 month or so ago.

Hope you feel better!

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I've thrown up almost every single morning through each of my pregnancies, lol. It's just my way of life when pregnant.
Hopefully it's just a bug for you! I can't imagine feeling crummy, and not being able to eat whatever did sound good. Sad Feel better soon!!