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Are there time or days when you have a lot less movement? I have barely felt them today and I'm starting to get a little worried.

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don't freak out but i would call your doc....with twins that far along i'd think you'd feel movement pretty darn often. Of course what do i know...could be totally normal since i'm sure space is pretty limited already. I don't usually go more than a few hours without noticing something and if i do i can poke baby awake

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I agree, I would call. They are getting pretty big in there, esp with with two. Mine is really active, if I didn't feel something every hour I would worry. Hope things havechanged today..kup!

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There are times when I get worried, but the times when I usually notice less movement are when I am super busy. At my last appt my DR told me to start doing kick counts if I think I am feeling her less. He said to drink some water and then lay down. If I don't feel more than 10 kicks in 2 hours then call immediately.

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I have heard to drink something like orange juice to give them a sugar rush and then lay down on your left side. That should get them to wake up and move around. But definitely call the doc if you are concerned.

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They are much better today, so I think it must have just have been really. I will call if I'm concerned, though for sure!

Thanks Ladies!!

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Erica - glad things are better today. I have days I don't notice them as much. I wonder if I should be more worried now!

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Yep, same with DS to, DS never moved around much really-and this one doesnt either, he has his days where its like what are you doing, then days like today where he doesnt move around much. If you can get 10 movements w in a hour, thats good, otherwise it may be a problem. So I always try to make him move if I worry

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If I'm busy I don't notice them as much. But they are most active in the evening. If you are ever concerned, I'd call.

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I haven't worried with this one, she is ultra crazy. Like she kicks me for hours a day I swear. Driving home from up north on Sunday, she was kicking me the entire two hour ride home. And a lot too. But she has days where she kicks more than others.

When I was pregnant with I think my 3rd that was kind of quiet? I'd bring up less movement to my doctor, and she said, "well, do you ever have days where you are lazy and don't do as much? Well it's the same for your baby". So as long as you are feeling some, the minimum, what is it, 10 kicks in an hour, I'd just say your babies are having a lazy day. Smile

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I haven't had an issue since then, that must have been their one lazy day!

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