movement not so 'cute' anymore

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movement not so 'cute' anymore

Well i've reached the point where the baby's movements aren't quite so 'cute' anymore...moreso just painful where i'm pleading with baby to settle down, lol. Last night i was trying to get comfy on the couch, which is mostly impossible, but baby was going NUTSO and it hurt so badly! My poor bladder! I will say that I'm not a big fan of the pregnancy process...between my giant babies stuffed into my too small torso, my heart condition, and my morning sickness for 7 out of 10 months it's just more an ordeal that I have to get through until baby is born, but i am trying to enjoy it this time around since it's the last. Has anybody else reached the point where the movements are more painful than cute? I mean i know i like to feel them sometimes to make sure everything is ok, but the breakdancing on my bladder is a lil much Smile

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I understand the painful part - there isn't a lot of room for them to "kick", but they definitely like to bounce on my bladder!

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Mine likes to punch/dig his little head into the inside of my hip bones. Not really impressed with that. All my other kids are girls so they "rode" higher up, this little guy is right on my cervix. Sometimes I think he's in there poking at my cervix, ugh that really hurts.

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I don't mind the kicking. It's the hiccups that get me while I'm trying to sleep. Once one gets them, it seems the other will get them.

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The bladder punching from Lucas doesn't really bother me. Olivia on the other hand is right across the top and I think she is doing rolls alternating pushing with each shoulder/arm and sometimes her head. Those feel like she is ripping skin....

I do plead with her to stop!

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I hear ya-theres a lot of times where dh looks at me and says are you alright? and Im like yeah why-well you're breathing funny-well its cuz hes kicking my ribs or pushing on my bladder! They are starting to hurt. I hate the bladder the worst cuz it will be fine then feel like you have to pee then fine again the next second lol. Almost there ladies

lol and the hiccups-since hes head down for awhile now, and hes way down there, it feels like i get them in my butt when he gets them, which is at least twice a day-such a weiiird feeling!

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Im pretty sure Emma is going to be a kickboxer or a Dancer of some sort..I literally feel she is digging her toes inside my ribcage..Lord Help me! its usually at night around the time I go to bed and lately its been around lunch time...Its getting painful...Dh will put his hands on my belly and she stops, but as soon as he is away she begins all over again, its like she knows her daddy's