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My appt

I had my 39wk apt yesterday...Im about half a centimeter open..thats all...I been feeling lots of pressure other than that nothing blood pressure is Good .. Doctor said if by tuesday (my due date) I havent had her then I will be having an appt on wed in which she will be doing an ultrasound to check growth and fluid are good and she said they wont let me passs a week of my due date...She is hoping I wont even get to that appt on wed..I am too..Im just soo exhausted and tierd and Irritable now... I walked half a mile with hubby today so hopefully that will help open me up some more...Emma continues to be active which I love but sheesh I thought by now she would be a little less of a so anyways thats where I am.. Smile

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Fingers crossed it happens soon for you!! Smile

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Hope Emma makes an appearance soon!!

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Time to use the last resort... S E X!

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sex did it our first time....good luck hope things get rolling

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I was going to suggest lots of sex too! Fingers crossed for you!

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Fingers crossed here too!! Can't wait for the rest of these babies to start coming! Smile