My Apt and fighting over a C/S Date...

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My Apt and fighting over a C/S Date...

Had my apt today w the midwife as my dr is out for a few weeks. Everything looks good, baby is active and HB 155. Scheduled my big U/S for 4/30 in the a.m. and the apt before that will be the quad screen via blood. We dont do a NT scan at our dr? And we wanted my c/s to be on 9/7, 1 week before my due date (hoping I can last that long) but at my US at 10 weeks she has me off measuring by 1 day and they dont do c/s on the weekends so they want to see if they can clear it with the hospital head to schedule it then since w my son I went at 38 weeks and I really dont want to end up emergency c/ we're up in the air about a c/s date...sometime the first week of sept probably...oy

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Hopefully you can get it figured out! Glad you had a good appointment. Smile

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I hope it gets worked out all right! But congratulations on an overall good news appt! Sounds like your lo is thriving!

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I am going to be in sort of the same boat as you. With DS I had a thin spot on my uterus so the doctors have talked about taking this LO at 36-37 weeks to prevent uterine rupture. I don't feel so good about that and don't see why we can't wait until 39 weeks (my c/s with DS was a 40weeks 1day). Luckily the doctor agreed at my last appointment that we could wait until 39 weeks. But there are 2 other doctors that I will be seeing throughout this pregnancy so who knows what they will say.

I hope that you can get a date down soon so that it is one less thing to worry about.

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Oooohhh! How exciting, you have your u/s scheduled already!! That means we're fast approaching the middle of our pregnancies! And, it seems so crazy that you are already picking a birthday for your little one. It feels like that should be SO far away, but dang this is going quick... (so far!) I hope you are able to get the date that works best for you.