My baby came out FINALLY!! :P

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My baby came out FINALLY!! :P

At 17 days overdue, my little Annabelle Rose was born! 28/09/12 at 8:50pm.

She was 3.47kgs and 51cms long. I was in labour about 3.5hrs and she arrived only 10 minutes after getting to the hospital. I'm so so grateful for my perfect birth, which only could have happened by waiting. Lucky I cancelled the induction that was booked for the day before!

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Congrats!!! She is so cute! And wow, 17 days overdue! Glad she finally came out.

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Congratulations!! She's adorable- well worth the wait!

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17 days past due, you are a patient lady! She is precious - Congrats!

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What a cutie, congrats!!

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awwww look at those chubby cheeks Smile she is adorable..God bless her and Congrats

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Welcome Annabelle!What a sweet name and geez like pp said you are patient!! congrats finally!