My belly bandit assessment

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My belly bandit assessment

I love it! I highly recommend it. Especially for the twin mamas. You tummy muscles are going to be pretty darn loose and if you have a csection, it really weighs on that incision. It helps keep my muscles in tight so I can get of bed easier. Also I got a mini tuck so my incision is longer. Pretty much hip to hip. So this is really helping to pull things in. Plus I look slimmer. Ha!

Ok and can't post without giving a pic!
Jeremiah on left, Evie on right.

Looks like they will most likely be home this weekend. They are eating soooouch better! They turned a corner a couple days ago! Good Lord, I want them home so badly!!!

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I wanted to try our the belly bandit thanks for the input looks like Im gonna purchase it... they are sooo adorable!

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First, such a CUTE picture! And yay for them coming home soon!

Where did you get your band?

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Your babies are adorable! Hooray for them coming home soon!

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I haven't heard of the Belly Bandit, but I did use a belly binder after DS #6 and I swear by it! My stomach was flatter a couple weeks pp after him than I have been after any of my babies. Plus I didn't feel like my organs and skin were slooshing around. I definitely recommend a belly wrap, binnder, whatever for everyone! the pic of your LOs. They are so adorable and I am so glad to hear that they are doing so well!

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I heard about the belly bandit I think it was Kourtney Kardashian that was advertising for them or something!

Cute pic! TFS! I hope they get to go home this weekend!!

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Kristina they are so cute and I am elated they will be going home so soon!!!!

As for your bandit - did you wait till after delivery to order it? If not, how did you know what size to get?

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I ordered it on amazon. You can also get it in a pea in the pod store. Amazon is cheaper!

I ordered it after delivery when I felt like my insides were hanging down heavy. I went off my normal pant size which is size 8. That ran in the medium size. So I ordered medium and it was perfect! You can check your size on the pea in a pod website.

Thanks for the compliments on my little twinkies!!!

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Thanks for the review! I'll have to check it out!
Great news about the babies!! They are so cute!!

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Oh they are so adorable. I am seriously wanting to be holding my baby, and soon!

I've never heard of the belly bandit either, I'm gonna go check it out. Smile

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Thats a good idea. I have shape wear I was going to use I got on clearance at work before I found out. I wish I did it with my first bc I have allot of skin that hangs from her and being over weight to begin with. I hope the shape wear works.

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I recently ordered the Squeem Perfect Waist and should get it next week. I ordered the size based on my pre-pregnancy measurements. I really hope that it helps. Like most BTDT moms I have a pooch that won't go away no matter how much weight I lose and the extra skin doesn't help either. I also have diastasis recti where my ab muscles have separate so I am sure that doesn't help. But the Squeem is supposed to help with all of that. I am super hopeful. (And I bought it off with a birthday gift card so I am really not out anything if it doesn't work.)