My GOOD baby

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My GOOD baby

I just had to post to brag for a moment. Smile My first baby, my DD was born at 38 weeks, induced. When we were in the hospital we had to give her formula by day 2 because she could not latch correctly to breast feed since she was pretty darn tongue tied. The first night home was a mild mightmare with her waking every 1-2 hours and me having to pump between each feeding as well. She had colic for 3 months and just cried all the time for no reason, was on soy formula, and never really just 'sat' in her carseat if we went somewhere. My second baby, DS was colicky from day one in the hospital. I remember our pastor coming to visit and trying to pray for us and him just screaming the whole time. He was colicky for 6 months. His was 10x worse than his sister's and we really just sorta survived the first 6 months with him. Lucky for us he's a good toddler now :). So now on to baby little boy is such a good baby. It's odd to me to have a baby that sleeps most of the day without being held 24/7. He sleeps 3 hour stretches at night and then is usually pretty simple to put right back to sleep in his own bassinet. The other 2 kids HAD to co-sleep in order for me to get any sleep at night. I love all of my kids, don't get me wrong at all, but it's just SUCH a relief to finally have a baby that is more 'normal.' A sleeping, breastfeeding, happy baby!
I wish you all luck with your new babies and hope they are all good and sleep well for you mommas! Recovery is 10x easier when they let you sleep too!

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Glad to hear things are going well!

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Wow! Most people who go through that wouldn't have more kids. You go girl! I'm glad you were blessed with an easy one this time. You deserve it!!

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That is so awesome that this LO is being so good. I hope for your sanity that it stays that way. I am hoping that #3 for me goes well too. I have had nursing issues with both kiddos so far and I have my fingers crossed that this one will be smooth from the get-go.

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Glad he is being such a good boy...Btw that pic is Gorgeous...I can see your DD is inlove in that picture with her baby brother....