my sob story/vent session

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my sob story/vent session

so i had my 35 week appt today...this is baby #3 for us. With my first pregnancy i had GD so i was induced at 38 weeks to avoid having a GINORMOUS baby. She was born perfectly fine with just slight jaundiced but we took her home after 2 days. #2 i developed a heart condition (SVT-supra ventricular tachycardia) so i was induced again at 38 weeks...also because at my 37 week ultrasound baby was measuring over 8lbs. He was born perfectly fine and went home at day 2. Now here is #3...this baby is also measuring large...i'll have an u/s soon to prove it....and i STILL have my heart condition, and in fact it's worse this time around. hospital has changed the induction policy and won't do anything until 39 weeks unless there is a severe risk to mom or baby. To make matters worse, my dr and I disagree on my due date by about 5 days...she thinks i am due on the 15th i think the 10th. She schedules inductions at the beginning of the week so technically to be induced at 39 weeks+....i'd technically not be induced until monday sept 10th....which according to my calculations...IS 40 weeks. I'm so annoyed that the hospital doesn't leave the decision up to the mother or doctor about inductions anymore...i understand the concept and if i were wanting to go just because at 36 weeks....i see the reasoning...but i just want to go at 38 weeks and give birth to a normal sized baby that i am ABLE to birth. My son was 8#4oz and he had troublle getting his shoulders now if i go to nearly 40 weeks and end up with a baby weighing 9 or 10's not coming out and i will end up with a csection. I hate that i feel like i have no option other than a large chance at a csection. I am hoping that i can do my part to kick start labor on my own...and that would be great...but i'm just afraid that if nothing happens...i'll be left with no options and a giant baby. Not to mention that my heart issues give me braxton hicks contractions ALL the time, and i'm always tired because i can't walk more than 30 feet without being winded. If SVT was a good enough reason to induce before why isn't it now?! Sorry...i'm just angry and frustrated and done and out of options. So here's hoping baby decides to help a momma out and come on it's own sooner rather than later. Ok thanks for reading...vent over.

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I would think that a heart condition would constitute a good reason to induce... as a risk to you and the baby... especially if the baby is on the larger side. I was induced 10 days before my due date with DS1 because he had all but stopped growing, and my doc didn't think I would get a baby bigger than 6lbs out myself... DS1 was 6lbs on the nose when he was born, and got stuck (sunny side up with his head tilted) and had to be vacuumed out due to the fact that he was also having d cells. With DD I was induced at 36 weeks and 5 days because of her amniotic levels being low. With both he had it scheduled so that way there was an extra doctor just in case... with DD there were actually 3 doctors and 4 nurses in the room... the OB that started my induction, my OB, and then a general doc there to check DD out (because she showed signs of having OI)... there were 2 nurses assisting in the delivery, and 2 to help the other doctor with DD. I would think that if you have a heart condition that more complications could arise and that they would want your delivery a bit more controlable??? My hospital has the same rules, but had no trouble going with my Dr's judgement.

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Sorry....:bigarmhug: wish I could say something to make things better

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((hugs)) sweetie and hoping things change and you get your Induction and all turns out well.