My water DID BREAK!

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My water DID BREAK!

Well ladies I continued to leak fluid all day monday so my doc sent me to the hosp. Around 530pm. Sure contractions 1cm dialated leaking water. So pitocin was it for me...labored about 10hrs thru pit, finally got an epidural...owen henry was born at 650am tuesday! He was 37 weeks so has some mild breathing problems and since my water was ruptured for so long they are monitoring him for infections but he is doing great! So your instincts!!

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Wow! Congrats and Welcome to Owen!!!!! Smile

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Posts: 994 crazy! Congratulations and wwtw Owen! Can't wait to see pics of the little guy!

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Congratulations!!!!!!!! Welcome to the world, baby Owen!

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Wow!! Congrats!!!

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:lurk: WTTW Owen!! Glad to hear he's doing well despite the minor breathing issue and being monitored for infections. Enjoy your little guy!

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Congratulations!!! Glad Owen is doing well.

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Congrats!!! welcome Baby Owen can't wait to see pics Smile

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Congrats and welcome to the world baby Owen!!! Glad you trusted your gut and talked to your doctor.

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Congrats mama, and WTTW Owen. Hoping the rest of both of your recoveries goes well, and fast Smile

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Awesome! Congratulations!! What were his weight & length? Hope the breathing issues are working out! Update when you can.