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Well, I finally bit the biscuit and joined here. I'm Heather and currently a sahm with two beautiful girls, Rebecca (who will be 8 in February) and Stephanie (who will be 5 in October) and one in the oven who will be here on September 12. There are 2 losses between all the kids, (had Rebecca, lost 2, had Stephanie, lost 2), so this one is technically my 7th, hence my hesitation for joining. But things are going great this time! (other than heart burn and gas, lol).

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Welcome!!! Sorry for your losses! I'm assuming this new baby is a girl too? Glad your pregnancy is going so great!!

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Well, when we had the ultrasound in May, the tech told Rebecca that it was pink. But then somebody told me that the ultrasound was early enough, that the boy parts might not have dropped yet?!? So with our luck it's pink, but I'm hoping for a blue miracle. But either way our family will be happy with a happy healthy baby.

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Welcome and congrats! I would say that an u/s done in May would be late enough for the "parts" to have dropped on a boy. I had my u/s the first week of april and was told u/s done last month also said girl.

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Welcome and congrats!

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welcome! may should have been way early enough to tell for sure, we had ours the end of april and im due 2 days after you

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Welcome and congrats!

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Welcome and congratulations! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is happy and healthy!

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Welcome and congrats ...your a day after me Wink

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welcome! you never know, sometimes theyre wrong!

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Thank you every one for the greetings. I know in my head that the ultrasound is right, but my heart still wants a boy and won't give up hope.... LOL

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Welcome Heather! Looking forward to getting to know you. Smile