This newborn thing...

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This newborn thing...

is just as amazing with #6 as the first time!
Ivy's arrival was perfect. I haven't taken the time to write out a whole nice birth story yet, but the short story is... My water broke at 4am. Contractions started pretty much right away, but were very mild and irregular. I woke J about 6. Then took a bath (and shaved my legs & bikini area!). We left for the birth center about 7, still mild contrax. Stopped at Caribou, then got stuck in morning rush hour. Finally arrived at the birth center about 8:30. They hooked me up to the monitor for a little while, just to be sure Ivy was reacting well to the contrax. Midwife checked my cervix about 9am, only a 3. That was a little disappointing, but knowing my history of quick deliveries, they got me into our room, and left us alone(myself, Jason and Danielle (my 15 yr old)). Things went pretty quick after that! Contractions got closer and stronger, Jason kept telling me to get in the tub before it was too late. I was trying to make it to 10am, so as not to slow things down. I got in the tub right at 10, had a few good contractions, then one great one where I felt Ivy moving down. I told Danielle to go get the midwife, so she could check me again, but the next contraction Ivy was crowning as the midwife walked into the room. 2 more pushes and Ivy Jae was born Sept. 10, 2012 at 10:25am into her daddy's hands underwater, with her big sister watching. She was 5lbs, 13oz & 20" long. It was amazing. She was so calm, and still is. Unless she's hungry. We need to work on the whole night and day thing. I don't remember being this tired with my other babies. Maybe it's because I'm older this time? Smile

She's a great eater. We had some latch difficulties mostly because she's so little and my boobs... ummmm... are not! But we are working it out just fine. We had an appt Tues, Ivy was 8 days old, and her weight was 5lbs, 9oz. The goal is to get her up to birth weight by 2 weeks.

We are all just crazy about this girl. The boys are so sweet with her. And Jason is an absolutely amazing dad!

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Sounds awesome!!!!

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You look awesome and she is beautiful!! Congrats on your daughter!!

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sounds like an amazing Birth experience..Im so happy for you..she is absolutley adorable..and you look fantastic..I love the pic with her siblings..too cute..