Nothing yet :(

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Nothing yet :(

Im miserable...Im 6 days past my due date and nothing...I was contracting yesterday but it was every 20 min, then every 15, then back up to 25min , then down to 9 and back up..Ugh!! Im getting so fustrated and so moody..I tried it all..Day before yesterday I had some raspberry tea with with cinnamon.basically I boiled some cinnamon sticks and once the water soaked up the cinnamon I put the raspberry tea bag in and had a cup of that..then the next day I did the same thing, I had hot soup and even ate some spicy andy capps "Hot Fries" which literally make me cry and nothing..I barely slept because Im so umcomfortable she has my ribs as a punching bag and kicks all the time..Im just soo over it, then I have ppl on my facebook leaving remarks on my timeline asking is it time yet and giving me advice and its nice but after a while its annoying to hear the same things all the time...Im just annoyed at this point...I need to vent!! I have an appt on wed and Im thinking I might just call them tomorrow morning and beg and plead to be Induced...I really did'nt want to be Induced but Im just at that point..Im scared of being Induced I feel as Im rushing her but at the same time I am so exhausted!! thanks for reading my Rants girls!!

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Sorry!! It is miserable being huge and wanting to meet your baby. Hang in there! Hope she comes soon.

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Vent away!! It's the worst waiting- I really hope you don't make it until Wednesday. Did your doctor tell you the maximum they will let you go? Mine schedules inductions for the 41 week mark. Good luck, hang in there, she really will be here soon even if it doesn't feel that way.

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Everytime I get on here I am expecting to see that she is finally here. Sorry she is taking so long, hang in there - you'll be cuddling her soon!

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thanks ob says she wont let me go past a if nothing by wed then she will schedule an insuction...I been feeling the contractions 9-20 min apart..Im hoping I progress to 5 min apart by tomorrow...thanks girl I feel everyone else just donest get it

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I hope you go soon! SOrry your so uncomfortable! Before you know it little girl will be in your arms!

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Hate when people offer unwanted advice really...hope she comes soon, hopefully all those BH will develop into something productive