Ok let's try a more coherent update!

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Ok let's try a more coherent update!

I'm on the lowest dose of mag right now so I almost feel normal. Yay! Here is my update:
Just saw the on call doc. *Magnesium for rest of today. *She's going to let my doc decide everything else. She said they are pretty similar in their practices and she would make me stay if i were her patient. *With them both being transverse its dangerous that if Evelyn bulging bag of waters ruptures, the cord could come out first and that's really bad.
She said if I were her patient she would get me to 34 weeks and a few days and then deliver me. *Since the babies got their steroid shots they should be golden she said.
My kids are on their way up here to see me so I'm very very excited!! I went into labor on my son's bday. I almost had 3 kids with the same birthday!!
Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, they worked!!!

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So happy you are doing well and they can lower your mag. I hope you had a great visit with the family too! Glad Evelyn and Jeremiah decided they wanted their own birthday Smile

Will be praying for you as long as you need it, hang in there, I know being in the hospital is no fun.

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I was on mag. sulfate for 3 days with my DD at 33 weeks to get the steroids in her also. That stuff is nasty, but it def. does the trick. Hoping that you can hang in there a few more day and that your babes cooperate Smile

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I go out of town for a day and come back to find out you are in the hosptial...crazy! I am glad that you are babies are hanging in there for the moment. Mag is definitely awful stuff, but if it helps your LOs bake a little longer I guess it is a good thing! I hope you are able to make it to 34 weeks....hang in there babies!

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Glad the Mag worked! and Im really praying you make the 34wks and have those cuties when they are ready...just take it easy hun!

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Hope you had a good family visit! Hang in there!!

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)Jumping in from the May '09 board) So glad to hear things are somewhat under control. We're all thinking about you and praying for healthy momma and babies!

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I am so glad the mag is working, 34 wks isn't too far away now. Hope you're feeling OK. Sending you lots of prayers!

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Oh how exciting! I'm glad they stayed in long enough for steroid shots to get those lungs ready.

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I hope things are going well today and those babies are settling down for a little while longer!