Our last look at the little guy before he gets here-3D U/S

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Our last look at the little guy before he gets here-3D U/S

Went in for a 3D U/S Yesterday. Our children are sooo stubborn. He was sure flashing the goods just fine, but when it came to his face he had both arms crossed over his face so you couldnt see him well or get good pics. So after drinking juice, trying different positions and walking/jumping up and down to get him to move, we finally could see his face and he moved his arms down but then he smooshed his face up against the wall so they werent as clear as they could be...but we didnt want to make the drive again so we decided it was good enough. Here are a few.

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Darn kids! LOL. That first shot looks pretty good!

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My boy is always facing away!!

That first shot looks soooo much like your first son. So cute!

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I'm in Kristina's boat - I haven't seen a face shot of Lucas since about 16 weeks - he has had his face turned toward my pelvic bone....why are they so stubborn!!!

The shot you did get is great though!!!

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Awww, look at that cute face! I'm glad you at least got a quick peek. I agree with Kristina, he looks like his big brother! Does he to you?
I have a 3D u/s scheduled for next week. Baby girl has had her head tucked way down low at every visit since 20 weeks, so I'm really hoping we'll be able to chase her outta there long enough to see her little face!

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To me he doesnt look like alex...not at his 3D Anyway-he looks to have DH's nose and lips, Alex has my lips but DHs nose...but now that youve compared him to the pic in my profile, he kinda does...we'll just have to see...I had been telling DH that hes head down for awhile now cuz i feel hicccups waaay low like near my butt while sitting down, and so at the US he was indeed down there.. it was nice to see him though and take our time watching him.

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The picture you got was great! We had a 3d with my first daughter and it was so exciting. I've been slacking this time around and haven't scheduled one but still would like to. Thanks for sharing!

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Such fun pics! I agree...he looks like Alex in your siggy.