Penciled in Birthday

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Penciled in Birthday

Just got back from my 34 week appointment and we penciled in a c-section date for Friday September 14th at 8:00am. So only 5 more weeks and little bean will be here. I also get to have another u/s in two weeks to check on her size and to see if I have any windows on my uterus. With DS I had a window and was told I may need to have a c-section at 36 or 37 weeks with this one to prevent uterine rupture. But we have decided to wait until 39 weeks unless I start having major contractions (which is what caused the window in the first place). So here's hoping this little one is agreeable and September 14th can be her birthday.

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YAH for having an end date, I think the not knowing the end is probably the hardest for me as I don't have that target time. Unfortunately we haven't picked the day for mine yet, my OB is reluctant to schedule even with my specialist pushing. I think she is keeping out hope that I go early on my own.

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Awesome! Smile

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sounds like your ready..thats Great! Smile

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Congrats on having a date. Now you can start counting down the days, to the day!