Praying for labor! (VENT)

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Praying for labor! (VENT)

You know you are a BTDT mom when you wish for labor and all its charms. I want labor to come so much...I'm tired of waiting. The doctor gave to okay for nipple stimulation and sex, both of which haven't worked so far, but I'm going to keep trying both.

I have some nice contractions, but they are not regular and they don't last for more than two hours at a time before stopping. My body is trying, but it is not very successful. Blum 3

This is so frustrating!

Did anyone have any labor stimulating ideas that worked this time? Just FYI, I am well within "go time," so no fear of premature labor.

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I am so with you.....the waiting game is no fun! I hope it happens soon for you!

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I totally understand! We babydanced the night before I went into labor. My water broke at 36w 6d so early, but not too early. I think that's the best way to get the baby movin!! Good luck!

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Im with you girls too I want out of this pregnancy!! I have tried it all..But I guess its a waiting for her to make her debut at her own time!! Good luck girls!!

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Wish I had some advice but I'm the same as you, anything we've tried hasn't worked. I figure, he'll come when he's ready, but the waiting sucks!!!

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If you have a pump try using it. 5 to 10 min on (or however long you can stand it) and then 5 to 10 off. A friend of mine did this... started around 8pm or so, and her daughter was born by noon the next day Smile