QOTD: Friday 7/13

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QOTD: Friday 7/13

What are your weekend plans?

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Tomorrow is DH's birthday and DD has been wanting to go to Chuck E Cheese, so we will be doing that - the closest one to us is 1.5 hours away.

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Have fun at chuck e cheese, let me know how it goes, i still have yet to venture out to there with my son...although hes been bugging me

Tomorrow a.m. we are headed towards chicago to get a 3D/4D Ultra sound done. I hate to spend the money but at my 20 wk US I didnt see much, except for the boy parts and a quick pic of his profile then she printed off 2 of the same pic and the boy parts pic and hurried us out the door, DH saw everything but I didnt, and i need peace of mind that he is healthy and such...we did one with DS1 to so I feel its only fair to. Then perhaps the renaissance faire if it doesnt rain or maybe ice age 3...sunday is nothing.

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I've been feeling especially tired and sore this week so we are going to take it easy in the pool and at home. One of my dear friends is staying with us with her two girls and husband. They are staying with us but doing alot of sightseeing during the day out and about so we are not having to entertain.

The girls are about 14 and 9. It's been so neat how interested they are in the babies in my belly. They both laid in the chair with me last night after they got back from their day of sightseeing talking to the babies so they would know who they are and feeling my belly for movement. It's been kind of good for me since I've been feeling so tired to have their energy around and enjoy their wonderment. I think I'm going to lay back and enjoy having them around.