QOTD: Monday 7/23

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QOTD: Monday 7/23

How many credit cards do you have?

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2. Well technically 3 but I only got a Sears card to save 5% on a washer!

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We have 3 too, one is what we put everyday stuff on and one is for everyday stuff when they don't take the first one. We pay them off every month. The third has an insanely high limit and so we keep it in the safe as an emergency (like have to leave the house & island for some sort of catastrophe emergency).

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1 daily use we pay off monthly
1 for emergency use

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0 ... my ex and I got in almost over our heads at one point. We then followed Dave Ramsey's program and got completely out of debt, except house and car loans. I did get 2 cc's shortly after our divorce, but saw that it was just too easy for me to slip back into the same bad habits I had. I got rid of those 2 cards, and plan to never have another!