QOTD: Saturday 6/23

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QOTD: Saturday 6/23

Borrowed from the December board! Smile

Feel free to complain, or brag, what's the division of labor like at your house?

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Typically, Hubby does all the outside work, I do the inside. The kids get random chores now and then. This last year while I was in school, DH did most of the housework and dinner since I was gone, the kids had chores everyday (wash and put away dishes, do at least one load of laundry a day, clean thier room and thier bathroom). This next week will be a repeat of that since I'm leaving in the morning for El Paso to spend the week with my dad. I feel bad for hubby because he has to keep up the house and the kids while working (might I mention, our house has been on the market for 6 months so who knows when someone will come to look at it.).....

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I do most of the inside stuff....laundry, cooking and deep cleaning. We all do dishes together after dinner and while I put DS down for bed each night either DD or DH picks up the house and sweeps/vacuums as needed. DH does most of the yard stuff but I keep up the gardens.

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I do all the cooking, unless DS #1 decides he wants to cook something and Dh will sometimes cook Thai food. The older 3 boys each have a day when they have to do laundry otherwise I do the rest of the laundry. The boys are expected to load their dishes in the dishwasher and then they all have a part in emptying the dishwasher. They rotate dinner jobs every night (set, clear, vacuum rug under table, and empty garbage). The boys take care of all the animals (turkeys, chickens, horse, cows, sheep, goats, cats, etc). They help Dh move pipe when we are watering the pasture. The older 3 boys mow the lawn each week. Dh does most of the gardening although I preserve the food once it is harvested. The boys also have a daily inside chore such a vacuum a room, dust, etc. There is no way our household could function if we didn't share the duties around here. I am very blessed to have such a hard working Dh and boys that are willing to help out.