QOTD: Thurs 7/19

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QOTD: Thurs 7/19

If you were to get a tattoo, what would you get?

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I have one - a butterfly on my belly. It's been faring fairly well with the pg surprisingly.

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have 2, one is a rose w a heart around it on my right shoulder blade and a celtic butterfly on my left ankle. My next one will be on the opposite shoulder blade w a blue heart at the top, angel wings in the middle and another blue heart on the bottom for my babies. Im not sure of the design of the hearts but something along those lines

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Have 2: the Ford Mustang horse on my lower back and crossed checkered flags with flames on my upper shoulder. Plan on getting 2 more - one with all 3 kids names near my heart and a Jeff Gordon tattoo after he retires from racing - unsure of location of that one yet.