QOTD: Tues 7/10

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QOTD: Tues 7/10

Do you have any major items you still need to get for baby, if LO came tomorrow are you ready enough?

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I don't need to get anything other than diapers.....I have NONE!!! I feel as though I am getting closer to being ready for her to be here. I still need to order the fabric and get working on her bedding. But she will be sleeping in our room for the first couple of months so if it doesn't get done guess it isn't a huge deal. I just want to have everything done BEFORE she comes so I don't have to worry about it later. So yah, I am pretty well ready if she were to come tomorrow.

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I got his carseat yesterday but I would also need diapers, we don't have any either. I am ordering NB size cloth and know what I am getting an where I am ordering from, I just need to do it! Now that we have the seat though, he could come tomorrow and we would be fine.

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My carseat is shippped, but I don't physically have it. I haven't bought any formula either, so that could be an issue. Other than that, we could make do!

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We could make do but I feel very not ready. We have to get a new car seat and diapers. DH just started painting last night but the baby will be in our room for a few weeks so the nursery isn't critical. However we have the crib in pieces in the hall and various other baby items throughout the upstairs so I really want the room to be ready so the rest of the house isn't a disaster area. :rolleyes: I need to get out the newborn clothes and get some loads of wash done too!

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We have everything! I got a ton of diapers from my shower, already had the baby clothes, and got my big 'ol boobies!! We are good!

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We have nothing for her to sleep in, and no diapers. But, that stuff can be picked up after we bring her home if it comes down to it. I was hoping my mom was going to offer to buy a bassinette, or our friend who offered to give us hers would come through with it, but not so far.

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