QOTD: Tues 7/31

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QOTD: Tues 7/31

2 ups / 2 downs.......

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Ups....my BFFs from highschool are coming to visit this weekend.
Tomorrow is August 1, last full month of being preggo!

Downs....DS has been going through a terrible sleeping phase, he is up at least two times a night.
DD is leaving for 10 days to go to the lake with her friend, she helps me a ton and I'm going to miss her.

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I can feel the babies all the time now
They were both 4 1/2 lbs or greater at last appt


I can't sleep at all (I slept for 3 hours, was up for 4 and then slept for 2 last night - about average)
Starting to have lots of inner thigh & leg pain

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2 ups: NST went well yesterday
My day is 1/2 over!

2 downs: My feet are swelled up ALOT and they hurt.
I still have 1/2 day left! LOL

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Up: No swelling in my feet or ankles.
Up: Still exercising at least 4 days/week.

Down: It is supposed to be in the mid-90's for at least the next week, probably more! It is too HOT!!
Down: Can't think of anything.