ramblings of a happy mama

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ramblings of a happy mama

I've been anxious about this baby girl... (as in OMG, she's going to turn our world upside down, anxious)... But, with the babies being born here, and seeing their pics, I'm getting so excited!!

I finished training for my breastfeeding counselor position, and have received my caseload. It consists of 13 women whom I get to support. I'm nervous, but can't wait to get started! My mind is jumping ahead and I've been thinking about looking into a career as a lactation consultant... I'll wait and see how I like this job first before making any decisions there.

The kids have all gone on vacation with my parents this week. It's been really nice having all this time for Jason and I to just enjoy each other!

I found an almost new belly bandit on craigslist for only $25. (Kristina, thanks for being an awesome trendsetter, lol) I'll be picking that up next week. I'm hoping it will help with the after pains that seem to get worse with each baby.

I also made 2 other baby product discoveries that have me all excited! (I'll make a separate post about those!) Gotta love retail therapy!

OH! and, my mom and daughter are having a baby shower for me on Sunday!

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Glad things are going well for you! Smile

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My DS who is 2 was a total shock for me. Our DD was 14 and we weren't planning on any more so I totally hear you about being anxious. Now is is hard for us to remember life before him!
Glad you are getting excited and congrats on the progress for the job, sounds like a fun thing to do!

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glad to hear things are going well and you may have a career change in the future :).

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Smile you make me smile

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so happy for you...Things are looking Great for you sweetie Smile