round ligament pain?

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round ligament pain?

I don't really remember having round ligament pain with my first 2 pg. However this time I have a pain kind of even with my right hip bone but in towards my belly button maybe 3-4". I don't get it with movement but when I'm still. The first time was in the car on the way into work and then about 3am it woke me up out of a sound sleep. This morning I had to get up and walk around to make it stop. In the last hour/hour and a half it's back as more of a dull ache and changing position doesn't really help.

Does this sound like round ligament pain? Any suggestions on how to improve it?


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It sounds like RLP to me. I get it alot in my sleep and while watching TV, more so than when I make quick movements. As for a was to improve it, I wish I knew!

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That does make me feel better, everything I've read talks about it happening with quick movements. Thanks!

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yeah, i used to get it really bad before my tummy got bigger, but esp with turnng over in bed sometimes or getting out of the couch...sudden movements for me, earlier on i also got it in the car. I dont have it as much now w him getting bigger it seems

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I wish I had some suggestions for relief. I also get it bad at night while trying to roll over.

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It wakes me up a night soemtimes and in my car on the way home sometimes it gets really bad. I think it has to do with me trying to move (roll over in bed or look over my shoulder) and I stress that ligament.

Hope you can find some relief!

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I still get it sometimes too!