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What's your baby's schedule look like these days?

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Ours is scheduled around school drop off/pick up:

7:15AM up for school

8:00AM twins awake

8:30AM school drop

9:00AM feed Finn cereal & bottle
9:30AM feed Fae cereal & bottle

12:00PM feed Finn food & bottle
12:30ish feed Fae bottle only (she's nowhere near as hungry or ready for solids)

2:30PM school pick up

Naps -total toss-up! They barely sleep since we stopped using swings, they need to get used to life without.

Playtime - throughout the day, whenever, we play it by ear, depending on who's tired or not

5:00PM feed Finn food & bottle
5:30PM feed Fae food & bottle

9:00PM-9:30PM (depends on how crazy our night's going, like Little Gym nights, Boy Scouts, etc)
both twins get a bottle and then bed

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eat sleep and poop.. haha. He still sleeps most of the day. Been getting better at night and only getting up 1-2x.