Second baby arrivals...

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Second baby arrivals...

Almost everyone tells me that second babies come faster and earlier than first babies. I never had any expectations of being early but I was just wondering, for all of you 2+ moms, was your second earlier than your first?

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Mine have each come, or tried to come, earlier and earlier. Though, with all 3 of mine so far the labor has been just as long as the next. For most people I know the length of the pregnancy didnt necessarily get shorter, but the length of labor did.

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With my first, I was in active labor for 15 hrs before I was dilated to a 3 and ended up having a emergency c--sec at that point. With this one I was in active labor from 2 pm to 930 pm and was dilated to a 3 at that point and thinned all the way when i went for my c-sec so yes-i really think that if i was able to labor and have a vbac that my second would have arrived faster. Im considering it active labor from the point where i was actually feeling contractions

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My first came at 6 weeks early, labor from the time my water broke was about 5 hours. DD#2 I got induced, was 3 cm when I got to the hospital, got induced at 7am, had her at 9:53am. DS#1 was 1cm when I got induced (on my due date) and had him after about 4 hours of labor.....This time with DS#2 I'm not dilated at all or thinned, will be going in friday for an induction. I have no idea what to expect since every baby has been a bit different.

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My first was born on his due date, my second came 5 days late(induced) and my third came a week late(induced). and I would say that all my labors were long! 12+ so in my case its not true!! hope it is true for you though!!

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:lurk: My first baby was 1 week early with a 7 hr labor, 2nd was 3 weeks early with a 5 hr labor, 3rd was 6 days early (I think Wink induced with a 3 hr labor, 4th 1 week early induced with a 3 hr labor, and my last was 1 week early with a 3 hr labor. I am pretty consistent about when I go into labor, but my labors got faster, then consistent. Good luck!

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:lurk: I went into labor on my due date with DD1 and delivered her about 24 hours later (yikes!). I went into labor at 39 weeks with DD2 and delivered her about 6 hours later (yay!). Good luck!

Man, now I'm hoping my trend doesn't continue for me or I'll be having DS1 at 38 weeks after just a couple of hours of labor. I hope I make it to the hospital!

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My 2nd was one day earlier than my daughter. My body evicts them at 38 1/2 weeks. Smile

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#1 35 weeks induction, #2 40 weeks all natural, labors was super quick, #3 34 weeks induction, 2 pushes and out, #4 induction 28 weeks, came out with contraction/1st push.....

Its different for everyone!!

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Thanks for all the input. It seems that there is no rule about this at all although I would say shorter labors seem more likely than an earlier delivery.