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Went to my dr today so he can look at my incision since he discharged me early. My incision moved so one side isnt healing or together or something where my own skin will have to fill in the gap he said, which will take some time. he said it looks like maybe the clothes rubbed against it or something. Also part of it feels warm and is a bit red so now im on antibiotics and has to be dressed again and put hydrogen peroxide on twice a day. Grrr..I have like no pain down there from it, Im bending, moving around really well and now im mad at myself for not taking it easier-although really i couldnt being Levi was in the nicu a hour away. Just sucks

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I'm sorry! I hope you heal quickly - and try not to beat yourself up, sometimes you do what you have to do.

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Best wishes for speedy recovery. Don't beat yourself up, moms do what they need to do

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Beee take it easy sweetie and just keep trying to Heal..Sending hugs your way and Healing vibes