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How are yours sleeping? Mine are wanting to be held a lot, only going down 45-1 hour, usually less!. Is they normal? I don't mind holding them, but its taxing all day holding 2 babies!

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Levi likes to be held to and does better-but since he is going to start daycare next week,I started to put him in the boppy since you can manipulate it to seem like hes being held-its working good. He has always slept in his own bassinet in our bed-its a cosleeper that we bought from target-since coming home at night and he will sleep all night in there by himself. He sleeps and gets up about 2 hrs during growth spurts to eat and lately has been up from 730-10 w a feeding at 930, sleeps till 230-3 am then eats and then sleeps till 630am.

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Yeah, we have no schedule yet - they are eating every 2.5-3 hours, that's about as much of a schedule as we have. It drives me NUTS (I'm a planner!), but I make do and just follow their lead. I remember with my DD it look a few months for her to get on a regular schedule.

LOL, I was frustrated this morning when I posted this - they were both screaming to be held - now, they have slept all day, one in his bouncy seat and one in his car seat. LOL.

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Abby eats every 3 hours during the day give or take. She gets up at 2 and 5am at night. I formula feed.

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sometimes owen wants to be held all day and with 2 older ones at home too its hard to oblige! i try to treasure it but it would also be nice to put him down more often Smile

he eats every 3 hrs, sometimes 4 at night....nursing

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Jeremiah loves being held. He takes a few long naps during the day, but they have their spurts of just 30-45min. We don't really have a schedule yet either. They wake 2 times during the night still. I don't see that changing for a while. Our fussy time, which I call "witching hour" is from probably 8p-11p. So they are up and down being held and what not. I actually let Jeremiah cry it out sometimes. It only takes him about 2 min of crying and then he is passed out. So that's not bad. Evie goes into a super sonic loud mode if I let her cry so she doesn't cry it out much. She is less fussy than him so that's kind of nice. With two, it's just hard to constantly be meeting their demands, especially with 2 older siblings, so I figure they are going to have to learn patience anyway. Good luck, it can be very tiring!

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I bought some swaddle blankets today, so I'm hoping that helps! They are currently sleeping on their own, so it's mostly evening and night we need to work on.

I have a calmer one (Rayce) and a fussier one - and tiring isn't even the right word to describe it - good luck to you too!

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I'm breastfeeding on demand. My guy eats all the time. Usually every other hour. At night he sleeps from 10-3 then 3-6. Then I'm up for the day at 6 with DS1.

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Jumping in late. Mine are not on a schedule yet (hence the minimal posting). We've had 2 good nights wehere Lucas goes 5-6 hours and Olivia goes 2 4.hour stretches. I still get up.2 to 3 times but treasure the quiet time with just one of them. Every 2 hours most of the day though.

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We are cosleeping at night...we are still trying to figure out what's best to get them down in their own.