Slow recovery

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Slow recovery

I am having a rough time recovering from my c section. I had a seroma where a pocket of fluid formed behind the incision. The fluid had no place to go except out so now I have a half inch opening at the incision site that I have to swab 2 times a day with hydrogen peroxide. It is very disturbing how far in the q-tip goes into the incision. It isn't infected though so that is good. But this is definitely the longest it has taken me to recover. It is hard for my other two kiddos to understand that mommy is still in pain.

Molly is good except during those witching hours. She is extremely fussy between 8pm and almost midnight. She won't nurse, she won't burp, and she won't sleep. I have limited my dairy intake since she had some projectile spitting up. That seems to have helped with the spitting up but not the fussiness.

But other than the incision problems and the witching hours, everything else is great. I love being a mommy to three. Am I crazy to already be thinking about #4?

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Hope you heal quickly!

And no, not crazy......the heart wants what the heart wants Smile

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Sorry you are having a hard time recovering. Hopefully your incision heals as quickly as possible.
You're not crazy for thinking about #4 but definitely braver than me!

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Sorry to hear of the hard recovery-when we had to put hyrdrogen peroxide on it, we just laid me down and poured it on and then let it air dry-also in the shower put soap on it, i just rubbed soap above the incision then let the water trickle the soap down and that seemed to really help, cuz i didnt tihnk it was healing well after the dr who delivered me said to hydrogen peroxide and my regular dr said all it needs is soap-cuz i still had a small opening as well since my incision shifted and then it had to heal by itself got better but took a few weeks, but mine also didnt hurt.

As for the fussiness-have you tried to hold her upright after she nurses? and perhaps letting her sleep at a incline will help to cuz maybe she has a bit of reflux? i know its not as common in BF babies but they can still have it and supposedly alot of babies have it but arent diagnosed with it. Sometimes Levi gets like that where nothing seems to soothe him really-but we try everything till we find what works, sometimes he likes being swaddled, other times just needs a paci to suck but hates the paci other stimes, or being rocked fast, or just overstimulated where the tv and bright light bother him so i take him into the bedroom with the dim light and no tv, and other times he just relaxes to classical/band music.