Still waiting, anybody else?

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Still waiting, anybody else?

Seems like theres not many of us left to go, I'm 42 weeks today and still waiting!!

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Me, but I'm not due until Sunday. How are you holding up? 42 weeks is a long time...

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I feel for you...hopefully soon?? Thats to long!

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42 weeks?!?!! ...sometimes perfection takes a little extra time! Smile How far did you go with your other babies?

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My son was 41w+1, I got induced and had a c-sec 24 hrs later. My daughter was 42w+1, I got induced (just let them break my waters) luckily I went into labour without any help after that and I had her in the early hours of the next day, 9hrs of labour. I was so happy for getting my VBAC and I had to fight so hard to wait up until 42 weeks, but she still didnt come on her own.

This time, I had an induction booked for tomorrow, 42w+2, but I've cancelled it. I feel okay that baby is still doing well, I'm having NSTs and U/S done every second day from now until next Thursday 4/10 here in Aussie, 43w+2, where I've booked an induction, and I will do that one if she hasnt come out by then. Doctors are not happy of course since I've had a c-sec before, but I think with the successful VBAC, I didnt have to fight too hard to repeat the 42 weeks wait, and now they already know I'm stubborn, the extra 9 days wait I pushed for was not a surprise. So long as she passes the tests, I'll wait for her a little more.

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I commend you for your patience!! What a hard thing to do.. Waiting!! Here's to you're princess being ready soon!!!

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She's just not ready yet!